Ultra-Violet Treatment Systems


Ultraviolet (UV) systems are an efficient, cost-effective solution for treating bacteria in your water.

They work by exposing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in water to a germicidal UV light at 253.7 nanometer wavelength. At this wavelength, the reproductive systems in these microorganisms are destroyed. This means that the organisms have become "inactivated" and no longer pose a threat to your health.

Product Description

The TrojanUVMax water disinfection system can treat up to 45 gallons per minute of water.

It includes audio and visual signals that alert you when the light needs to be replaced. The number of months the lamp has been in use is also displayed for your convenience. If the lamp ever fails, the audio fail-safe alarm will automatically activate and alert you.

The TrojanUVMax Plus premium system also incorporates a UV intensity monitoring system. This technology enhances the reliability and accuracy of this optional safety feature.

For more information on the benefits of a TrojaneUVMAx system, please see the fact sheet.


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