Aeration Products

We sell REACTR aeration systems from Chandler Systems Incorporated (CSI). We also sell CSI's HydroxR aeration and peroxide systems. These products are detailed below.

Product Description

REACTR systems treat water by mixing water with air. This mixing perrmits iron particles to be trapped and sulfur smell to be eliminated.

Features increased air draw and mixing
Features corrosion-proof check valve
Decreases water line plugging

Shorter model available for shorter contact times
Taller model available for longer contact times

The HydroxR system treats iron, manganese and sulfur gas, as well as adding contact time to disinfect for sulfur bacteria.

Features reliable chemical feed pump package with Degas head for self-priming operation
Features Advanced electronic technology and simple programming
Features adjustable cycle times
Features battery backup system
Features high backwash flow capability
Features 1" distributor tube for high flow


Examples of typical REACTR and HydroxR system installations are shown below.

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